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Ouzo is the typical drink of Greece. Almost every visitor in Greece and Corfu does not miss the chance to taste it. The distillery of Mavromatis focuses on the finest bottling of ouzo in order to sell ouzo products of the highest quality.

Ούζο Όστα


Ούζο Φθοριωμένο


Ούζο Κέρκυρα

500ml 200ml 100ml 40ml

Ούζο Παγούρι

350ml 200ml

Ούζο Vittorio

500ml 200ml
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Παραδοσιακά Κερκυραϊκά Προϊόντα

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Πακέτο Παραδοσιακών Προϊόντων

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Λεμοντσέλο Λικέρ

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Λεμοντσέλο Κρέμα

500ml 200ml