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Kum Quat Jam

1.5kg of jam


1 kg kumquat

1250 ml water

½ lemon (the juice)

1250 gr. Sugar


Wash the kumquat, remove the pips and put them in tulle pits (tie tulle).
Cut kumquat into very thin slices, place them in a large pot with tulle that is inside the seeds and add water.
Leave them so for one night. The next day add to skillet the lemon juice and simmer covered foe about 30 minutes until their peel soft.
Remove tulle seeds and add the sugar to the pot. At low temperature without boiling the jam, we stir until the sugar melts.
Once the sugar has dissolved, raise the temperatures to strong and boil without stirring for 20 minutes. We test if tied and remove from fire.
Pour into sterilized hot jars and when the jam cools we seal them.

Liqueur in Hermit Crab

350ml 200ml 100ml 40ml

Liqueur Grecia


Lemonchello Hermit crab

350ml 200ml 100ml

Loukoumi Kumquat

400gr 200gr