Who we are

The factory ‘’Mavromatis Kumquat’’ began in 1965. It’s a family business that specializes in processing and bottling Kumquat in liqueurs and sweets.

The production line reaches one million bottles and fifty tons of Kumquats in jams and pastries.

Another activity of our factory is the production of Ouzo, Brandy and twenty different fruit-flavored liqueurs.


‘’Mavromatis’’ factory produces Kumquat products such as Jams, Madolato, Marmelade, Loukoumi delight, Madola, Baklava and Extracts of Kumquat. Also, it produces classic Madolato, Loukoumi Limoncello, Loukoumi Rose Petals, Fig Pie, Baklava with almonds, Limoncello and Ouzo.